Why Kneeling?

Your body was not designed to sit in the chairs that have become so commonplace in our everyday lives. Mother nature also never intended humans to live such a sedentary lifestyle.

We now spend over 50% of our waking hours sitting at our work desks and dinner tables, in our cars or on public transport, or in front of our many screens. And it’s very much to the detriment our health.

The negative effects begin in childhood. Back pain. Neck and shoulder tension. Muscle degeneration. Weight gain and poor concentration. Our sedentary way of life has become a very real problem for all of us, regardless of how fit and healthy we are.

And unfortunately, no amount of vigorous exercise and therapeutic treatments can counter the negative effects of sitting, inactive, for hours at a time.

We really need to change the way we sit and with 84% of people experiencing back problems at some point in their lives, prevention is much better than cure. 

The advantages of kneeling chairs:

 - Burn more calories

Because your abdomen and core are engaged and you are more likely to be moving in a kneeling chair you burn over 50% more calories (150 vs 96) per hour

 - Enhanced Concentration

Our concentration and alertness improve when we have the freedom to move and are longer constrained in an unnatural position

  - Bloodflow improves

Kneeling chairs improves circulation, oxygen supply and general wellbeing

 - Active Muscles

 Kneeling chairs engage the back and abdominal muscles, encourages the natural curvature of the spine, and improves strength and flexibility

 - Your spine is upright and naturally aligned

Kneeling chairs enable us to be in a natural position – with an upright, naturally aligned J-shaped spine. With core muscles weakened from regular, the spine folds into a C-shape. We then tend to over-correct into a sit-up-straight, tense S-shape

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