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Curve is a beautifully simple way to sit. Elegant, natural and comfortable.

Get Curve.

Change the way you sit forever.

Curve kneeling chair engages your core and relieves tension in the shoulders, neck and back.

Using Curve.


The classic Curve seating position. Pressure is spread evenly between your behind and your knees. The chair naturally rocks forward ensuring you are upright and in a comfortable position for working at a desk.

Sitting (Wide Stance)

Curve gently rocks back to encourage you to sit in an upright position. Your back is straight; Your core is engaged.

Put one or both legs between the pads for an alternative position.

Half Sitting/Half Kneeling

Feel free to change your position whenever you want. Movement is good. You know your body so whatever feels comfortable for you.


What makes Curve so special?

Unique Sitting Posture

Keeping your torso open and your core engaged means your back is in a natural J-curve and slouching is not an option!

Gentle Rocking Motion

Curve rocks with your movements keeping you active, flexible and engaged.

Multiple Seating Positions

Varying your seating position ensures that you are mobile throughout the day, encouraging alertness and improving productivity.

Sleek & Elegant Design

A deceptively simple and understated appearance belies the functionality and benefits of Curve.


I really wanted to try out a kneeling chair because my lower back was so stiff from sitting at my desk all day. I picked this chair because it looks great and the price was right. The kneeling position feels very natural and I love the way it rocks - oh, and most importantly my back feels much less tense than before!

– CNC, Dublin, Ireland

I find this chair really comfortable. I've had some back problems in the past but already this is light years ahead of my old office chair. Definitely Recommended!

– Tom Kelly, Lee-On-The-Solent, UK

Very comfortable and looks very smart.

– S. L. Gregory, UK (via Amazon.co.uk)

Sedia molto comoda ad un prezzo ragionevole. Tempi di consegna veloci. Consiglio il prodotto a tutte le persone che hanno problemi di postura.

– Lucio Sirotti, Modena, Italy

I bought this kneeling chair about 2 weeks ago and have fallen in love with it - it's so comfortable! You can actually feel your core being engaged when you are on it, but it's much less constraining than my old office chair.

– A. Barrett, London, U.K.

This Chair 'Rocks'! I am really impressed with this chair. It is very comfortable and I really enjoy using it. The order arrived speedily and I was able to assemble it in about 15 minutes using the easy-to-follow instructions. I highly recommend this product.

– Carol McEvoy, Windsor, U.K.

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